Whit this concept we unite exclusivity and comfort in an atmosphere that exudes quality and certain strict seriousness. The style is lovable and decorative, with the presence of cabinet character of noble and serious business people of refined taste, in an environment which prevails in calming nobility of warm wood colors. Spaces are characterized by comfort, elegance, refinement and luxury. We subtly shape and create our customers a refuge after a busy day. The architecture of such interior represents consciously chosen philosophy of life and manifest. Unobtrusively, it shows.


    Minimalist designed Interiors emphasize safety and narcissism, restrained sensibility. Using warm monochromatic harmony of colors and materials, tranquility and charm, we expertly form hedonistic oasis in the metropolitan core speed and chaos. The minimalist concept adapts to the needs of the exclusive, trendy lifestyle, and thus makes a step forward from the usual industrial construction. We achieve an atmosphere that is expressive and effective, with essential approach to present the minimal use of furniture, specially design rare pieces, precisely positioned in space, so as to completely satisfy both aesthetic and functional effects. Comfort and convenience skillfully combine we unite in these areas.


    The interior solution is based on extroversion expansion of shapes, colors and materials. This concept creates an atmosphere that works on all senses powerful provocative and unexpected twists in the design space. Skillful articulation of formal structure emphasizes the desired futuristic atmosphere. The use of strong material with confusing effects of design, contribute to universal churning of the atmosphere. Greater credibility of such futuristic interior virtuosity, we achieve with exceptional quality of built-in materials and perfectionism of making. With extroverted concept, through the application of new sensitive sophisticated technology, we achieve the illusion of lightness, airiness, effective interior, avant-garde unexpectedness, inventiveness.


    For clients with particularly refined style we are designing interiors modern classic based on a tempting contradiction of modern and retro design, which provides a likeable, Old Time comfort and luxurious, newly-time functionality.
    The experience of space with exclusive revival of the classic is illusionist and unique.
    This concept is characterized by decorative saturation, modernized reinterpretation and stylish Art Deco aesthetic world, popular and effective selected details, deliberately accented with hints of mysterious symbolism. These interiors are daring, with details that emphasize the sentimental melodrama dynamics, dramatically effective, decorative maximized, luxurious, with scenic impression created an atmosphere of extravagant elegance.


    Expertly designed quaintness interior of the continent build housing, we built on the basis of the appeal of the decorative code based on the line of moderate rustic semi-processed materials and graceful elegance of certain details. Contrast material as structuring element space rustic conceived, we established clearly. Such careful use of materials, emphasize the best features of the area. The concept is based on a glamorous exclusivity, bold and refined taste, unusual and provocative style that gives a hint of mystery. On the way we interpret modern rustic style, and we base it on the balance of the atmosphere classy and elegant home, ethnic overtones and modern technological innovation, all in accordance with the sensitivity of the customer..


    The concept of modern romance apply through functionalism and minimalism with a hint of luxury – we create architecturally inspired homage to the best tradition of classic modernism and its strict geometric logic, interpreted in the spirit of modern times. The striking elegance, bravery and consistency, comfort, play materials, refined aesthetic contrasts, attractive light plays, modern elegance and elaborate details are means by which we create a stylish modern ambience with a hint of restrained romance.