Studio Loft is intended to ensure the most effective design solutions and provide professional architectural and engineering services using the latest knowledge in these fields.

Our work is multidisciplinary, includes architecture, interior, exterior decoration, furniture design, architectural and planning analysis.

During working tasks we cooperate with highly qualified and experienced individuals or organizations that stand behind verified positive results in work and high recommendations.

  • ikona-prva

  • Design of residential buildings is a challenge in terms of finding the best solutions that combine comfort, functionality, aesthetics, ease of maintenance and attractiveness. Given that these are areas that are used exclusively by their owners, we try to recognize the sensitivity of each client and arrange his office in accordance with his style, with mandatory application of our professional experiences. Therefore, these objects are created from the interaction of the investor's requirements and sets of laws, standards and regulations in this area.

  • ikona-druga

  • When designing business objects, we focus on the attractiveness of the area, considering that these are public facilities and we are trying to provoke a strong and positive impression on visitors to always return the same. The following criteria, which also pays the most attention is the function of the space - we provide future users a pleasant atmosphere for work. Buildings constructed by our projects in their environment have become the benchmarks, distinctive and attractive.

  • ikona-treca

  • In this area has accumulated a lot of experience, therefore the results of designing residential and commercial interior design greatly contribute to our recognition. Beside that we can create project documentation (up to any level, starting from the conceptual to detailed design) we have a lot of information about potential contractors of all work within the interior design as well as the areas of procurement of materials or equipment parts of the interior.